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An Online Reiki Share in the quiet…?

Online quiet self-Reiki share
I recently listened to a podcast about Reiki that mentioned a regular event, which a group of people began during covid. They joined together online for a weekly silent self-Reiki practice. The speaker talked about his surprise at how many people became interested in these sessions and particularly long after the restrictions for meeting in person had lifted.

This put me in mind of the ‘Self-Reiki Shares’ that I held for my Reiki students during the long months of lockdowns and how wonderful it was to be connected in our Reiki practice at this time. My lockdown sessions tended to be fairly interactive, with me offering information about Reiki and answering my students questions. It was also helpful at that time to share a little about how we were all coping with everything that was going on at the time.

Being in silence and stillness…
As I was listening to this podcast, I started to feel very intrigued about the idea of practicing in silence, together. When did you last do something that didn’t directly engage your thinking mind, in stillness and complete silence? No background noise, no talking, no reading or phone scrolling – just ‘being’ in your body. Other than perhaps sleeping this doesn’t seem like something that many people do often. And this is probably even more unusual when we are with others. Our world is so filled with noise and busyness. The pace of modern life can make it so hard to switch off and stop and this time of year can feel particularly chaotic.

You can do Reiki while you’re doing other things…
One of the huge benefits of Reiki, that I often talk about, and in fact promote as an advantage that it has over many other wellbeing or relaxation strategies, is being able to do it whilst doing other things. Many of you will have heard me say: “if you have a spare hand then you could be doing Reiki!”. You can perform Reiki on yourself with either one or two hands whilst reading or watching TV, during a meeting or even whilst standing in a queue at the supermarket. This is genuinely a big help, which I’m sure has enabled many people to sustain a much more consistent, regular practice than would have been the case if they always had to set time aside to practice their Reiki. However, when we can make time to only practice Reiki, and to do so in a more mindful manner, it is often the case that much deeper relaxation and awareness of ourselves can be experienced.

Stillness and silence can be hard…
Sometimes we can find resistances within ourselves to being still and being in silence. We might experience tension, agitation and restlessness. We might even find unexpected emotions come to the surface. Reiki gives us ‘something to do’ whilst we navigate such discomforts and it can be a wonderful support to help us stay with such experiences rather than getting busy to avoid them and distract ourselves away. If we can move through these blockages and barriers, the reward is often a sense of lightness or healing on a deeper and more profound level.

A new idea…
In thinking about this, I came up with the idea of offering a 'quiet' online self-Reiki share. It is a particularly hectic season for many so I thought I would arrange two sessions, as a bit of an experiment, before the end of the year, so we can give it a try. It can be so hard to set aside time for practice in this way so I hope this will give you a little window to have some Reiki time, some time for you alongside your community of fellow Reiki practitioners.

You can book here, under Reiki classes, or scroll on for a little more of the practicalities.

A bit more information…
The sessions will last for 30 minutes and be held online so you can do your practice wherever you are. I will take a few minutes at the beginning to help you settle in, to answer any burning questions and to offer a little guidance for your practice. We will then sit and do Reiki on ourselves in the quiet. Anyone with any level of Reiki attunement from any lineage will be welcome.

There will be no requirement for you to say anything and you can choose whether to leave your camera on or switch it off. You may perform your self-practice however feels good for you. I will let you know when we have reached time, but otherwise we will end the session in quiet, so as not to immediately move back into our thinking minds.

I would encourage you to find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed during the session. Give yourself time beforehand to get comfortable. You may find it helpful to be sitting, rather than laying down, to minimise the chances of falling asleep! Please log in a couple of minutes early so we can make a prompt start.

I am asking for a suggested donation of £5 to attend these sessions but there is an option not to pay if money is an obstacle to you attending, please reach out if this is the case. I really hope you can join me.

You can book online here.

And how about if you’re not yet attuned to use Reiki?
If these sessions sound intriguing but you haven’t yet been attuned to Reiki, I have one space left on my last Level One Class of the year on Sunday 26th November. I will also be setting dates for classes in the new year so let me know if you’re interested in learning how to do Reiki on yourself.

If these online sessions prove popular I will plan some more dates but in the meantime you can read more about learning Reiki here

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