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Reiki Attunements

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a vibration of natural energy healing. It is of particular benefit to humans and works in three main ways: 
-By repairing the wear and tear of daily life to the physical body and the aura
-By helping a person relax deeply and naturally and therefore enabling their body's natural self-healing abilities to come to the fore
-By providing rebalancing where imbalances have occurred as a result of tension.

Becoming Attuned to the Use of Reiki

The process of learning to use Reiki is called an attunement because it is a bit like tuning a radio. It is not something that can be taught out of books but is something that your energy body is tuned to by a Reiki Master so that you can connect to and use the energy. Reiki can be used for healing oneself and, following your first attunement, can also be used with your friends and family. 

Attunement Classes

Karen holds attunement classes at The Old School House in Shaftesbury and sometimes in Salisbury. She runs a program of classes throughout the year. Dates can be seen on the Events Page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about learning Reiki and when the next classes are happening. Classes are kept deliberately small to ensure a high degree of personal attention and venues may vary.

The Reiki Lineage and Choice of Reiki Master

In Karen's opinion, care should be taken over your choice of Reiki Master. The Reiki lineage of a practitioner is important to ensure a high quality attunement and there should be a direct link back to Master Usui, who originally developed this powerful system of healing. Karen has a short and internationally based lineage with practitioners from Japan, America and the UK. She has considerable experience in teaching Reiki at all levels. If you are interested in learning more about Reiki you might find it helpful to order a copy of Understanding Reiki: From self-care to energy medicine by Chyna Honey. This book provides an excellent introduction to learning Reiki whilst also containing information that will be of interest and useful to those with advanced levels of attunement. As this book forms a key part of the curriculum for Karen's Reiki courses it may also help you to decide whether you feel Karen is the right teacher for you.

Karen teaches Reiki in a fun and relaxed manner. She is passionate about keeping the tradition of Reiki as simple and pure to its original foundation as possible. As part of this her approach includes a requirement that students complete a 21-day self-healing process, following each attunement, to boost and solidify the attunement received and to support self-healing and to assist the student in establishing the habit and value of an ongoing regular practice. 

Karen prefers to make personal contact with students prior to the attunement to ensure there is a good fit between teacher and student. There is no charge for this initial 20-minute meeting and this can be arranged in either her Shaftesbury or Salisbury office or via phone/zoom. If you have never experienced a Reiki healing treatment you may want to book a session with her before receiving your attunement.

The Three Levels of Reiki Attunement

Level One Attunement: This is perfect for working on yourself. Self-healing through Reiki can be useful for all kinds of illnesses and aches and pains and for helping you to manage stress. Reiki is an essential part of self-care and is one of the best ways to enjoy deep, natural relaxation and generally deal with the challenges of life with greater calm and resources. Level one can also be used with other people informally, such as friends and family and children usually love it. 

Level one attunements usually run from 11am to around 5.30/6pm. During this time there is discussion about what Reiki is and what it is not and a lot of time is spent learning how to use it. Karen does her best to ensure that when everybody leaves they feel clear and confident about how to incorporate Reiki into their lives.

The cost for a Level One Attunement is £190. 

Level Two Attunement: The second level of training invites and supports students to deepen their understanding of Reiki and how it works in the broader context of healing and wellbeing. As the first practitioner level it is also useful for those considering using Reiki in a professional capacity.

This attunement is a two-day course and seeks to split the focus between Reiki as both a self-care and an advanced-care practice. It is suitable for those wishing to gain more knowledge and skill whether or not a professional practice is being considered.

The cost for a Level Two Attunement is £350.

Master Level Attunement/Level Three: supports students to work towards gaining mastery of Reiki and includes a comprehensive programme of teaching following the initial weekend. Karen always teaches the Master and Teacher levels separately.

The cost for a Level Three Attunement is £590.

Master Teacher/Level Four: enables a Reiki Master to learn all that is needed to be able to go on to initiate others into the Reiki tradition. Teaching in this way might be thought more of as a calling to share this wonderful healing system with others. The teacher training involves an extensive series of training days over and extended period.

Advanced/Refresher Courses: Karen holds these classes for Levels One Two and three to offer students an opportunity to consolidate their learning and build confidence. Once attuned to a particular level there is also the possibility of attending future full attunement classes, without repeating the attunement itself, for a reduced cost. Please get in touch for more information about all classes; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Payment plans may be available for Reiki classes, please ask. 

Reiki Attunements

"Today something beautiful happened as a result of me practising Reiki, placing my hands in each position and concentrating on the benefits of each posture. I naturally talked about a subject with someone that I've never been able to talk about with anyone before".
(Joy, 42)

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Dr Karen Janes

Dr Karen Janes is the owner and founder of Natural Healing Energy, which she set up in 2005. She is an experienced practitioner of energy healing and has a background in psychology, which informs the counselling aspect of her work. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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