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Menopause has been a dirty word for too long

Molke menofest article
Women’s health has been so overlooked…

Many of the people I see in my practice are women in their late thirties, forties and fifties. For almost all these women hormonal changes are happening. It isn’t really a surprise, given we know that fertility starts dropping off in the mid to late 30’s, however menopause is a word that is often not thought about for women until they are at the later end of this age range.

It is a transitional stage of life for women that can be both beautiful and empowering as well as very turbulent, unsettling and challenging. Both my personal experience and hours of talking to other women, personally and professionally, have led me to feel increasingly passionate about the lack of support women often face at this time. It has also prompted me to do a lot of research into what kind of help is out there to enable us to navigate the peri menopause stage of life, and beyond, with greater ease.

An unlikely collaboration?
A good friend of mine, who patiently listens to me frequently ranting on about some of these issues kindly mentioned me in a Facebook post. The company concerned were requesting ideas for topics to include for a ‘Menofest’ campaign they were putting together to mark world menopause month. I gladly added some comments about some issues that I think are important and frequently overlooked and the next thing that happened was a message pinged into my inbox asking me to write an article for them!

It has always been important to me to share this kind of knowledge to help other women to educate themselves and not suffer in silence. It isn’t news that there are many inequalities within health care provision for issues particularly experienced by female bodies. Molke is an ethical and sustainable underwear company, based in Scotland. They are champions of diversity, representation and women’s health: my kind of company! It is particularly fun to take part in what can seem like unlikely pairings of different companies coming together with a good cause at their heart. Head on over to their website to have a read of my full article here.

I might be able to help…
I’m not a menopause specialist but if it is something you are struggling with, I may well be able to help give you some information to get you started and signpost you to where you can get more specific help. The work I do can also be of great benefit in helping you to adjust to and cope with any challenges you are experiencing. A range of different types of support is often needed to ease the transition of this time of life and know that I will always be speaking from the heart and from a place of having had my own challenges with chaotic hormones!

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